Many people play online games, which include slots, table games and many more. As these players would know, you can take some fairly impressive bonuses to play these games. They offer you more money, which can be used at the casino on the games you enjoy the most.

Bingo rooms will now also offer these bonuses, but in a way where you will be able to gain more from the games offered. Players will receive the same kind of bonuses as you would with slots, but the rules would be set out differently to ensure players receive fair bonuses with which they can reach the wagering requirements.

Bingo casinos are also more likely to offer bigger bonuses as the wager requirements are less when playing bingo, you will be able to use the same bonuses to play slots and other table games at some casinos, but the other games will only be able to contribute a certain amount to the requirement.

Below we will look at the different bonuses offered by three different bingo sites and when you should accept these bonuses. All these sites accept USA players.


123Bingo has many promotions on offer to all their account holders. Simply create an account and you will be able to choose the best bonus for you. There are many to choose from, which will provide you with a great selection where you can choose the perfect bonus just for you. Let’s see what they offer.
Free Games in Green Room is where you will find hourly free games offered by the casinos. There is a guaranteed win of $50 to the player who gets the required combination first. New free games will be available hourly, which requires no deposit. However you will need an account. The games will only be available on Thursday.

Play to Win bonus bucks with the casinos by simply playing 5 hourglass games on a Friday. These games will provide a minimum jackpot win of $100 and can be played every 3 hours on a Friday start from 6am. To quality you will need to have made a deposit in the last 10 days.

Speed Bingo is for the fast players, the casinos will provide a promotion to those players who are interested in making quick cash with these games. The games are available every 3 hours from 1am to 1 pm. Pre buys are recommended as the games are set fast. Each card is $0.25 and the prizes start with $10.00.
CoverAll Madness is another bonus offered by the casinos where you will be able to win massive with the cover all games available. Here you will get to receive a free $100 when you win 5 cover all games in a month. All you need to do is take note of the game code and go to the live help option at the end of the month.

At 123Bingo they also provide other bonuses, which are changed on a monthly basis. The casino offers many games as well as side games, which can be played at the same time as your favorite online bingo games available.

Vic’s Bingo

At Vic’s Bingo there is no need to go looking for another site for your gaming needs. Players will have the option of playing many different games, including different versions of bingo or even mobile bingo. At the bingo room you will find 25 different bonuses are currently offered. This means players will be able to enjoy all the games with a bonus attached to increase your winnings. Below are the most impressive to us.

Rebound bonuses will let you get something back from the casino. Here you simply need to save the game number for 30 games that you have lost. The casino will then invite you to a private $100 prize free bingo room. Here you will receive a certain amount of cards 100% free and stand a chance to win $100.00.
Team Bingo Smackdown will provide you with a chance to join other players in the fair and square room to see who get s to the $3,000 cash prize first. The games take place from 12am to 10 pm EST every Tuesday.

Supernova takes place daily from 6pm to 12 am EST to offer bigger games and bigger jackpots. Here player will be able to win in access of $7,500 or a progressive jackpot.

As you can see the casinos has a lot to offer. Players will be able to find many other bonuses on the casino, which will provide other bonus winnings, at different times and different requirements.

Cyber Bingo

At Cyber Bingo you will find there are many categories, which will offer bonuses, promotions and news about the casino. Looking at their monthly specials you will find that they has a lot more than just great games to offer.

The casino has come up with a bonus for every bonus or special day that’s coming up. Players will also find deposit bonuses and many other benefits to joining.

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