Known as a game of change packed with thrills and spills but where did it all start? Globally the bingo phenomenon started in 1530 the same year the Renaissance began in Italy. The first lottery gradually found its way to France and Britain through colonial empires, adopted with new traditions and styles. The most early version involved cards and had 3 rows with nine columns with the caller drawing cards from a box of wooden chips with numbers carved from one to 90 and the winner was determined by the first player who marked a full row.

Prospects of life changing wins attracted large audiences and marked the start-up of several illegal clubs. The name bingo originated in America and travelling carnivals offered Beano, which was a random number game in which players could mark off cards by using beans counters. 1960 the bingo halls in the UK boomed and today bingo has firmly claimed its place with a large selection of top bingo websites offering chatrooms.

Best Bingo Rooms

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How to Enjoy Bingo Online

The game is fast paced, exciting and complete with great prizes and good company. Once new players enter the bingo lobby there are two main types of games offered, which includes 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. The 75 ball is preferred in USA and the 90 ball in Britain, but they both involve ticking off numbers on a bingo card. The only difference is the card layout and the quantity of balls in play. In 90 ball bingo players need to mark off all across a horizontal line and the jackpot amount increases with the marking off of two or all three lines. The 75 ball game is slightly more complicated and more creative and players need to adopt to mark off numbers in a chosen pattern laid out before the start of the game.

Online Bingo for Real Money

Players who wishes to enjoy bingo with cash rewards needs to sign up with a bingo site and create an account, this would allow play on numerous games and a wide variety of bingo sites offers new players lucrative welcome bonuses. Nowadays, most bingo rooms are also mobile friendly which is a great option! To fund your bingo account is normally easy and fast with numerous deposit methods offered on site, which includes debit and credit cards, bank transfers or eWallets. It is important to remember the deposit method used to fund the account will also be used for withdrawals.

Once the new account is opened and the initial deposit made, it is game time either the welcome bonus or deposit can be used to enter games. Bingo is a game of elimination and launching a game means receiving your bingo card, normally presented as a pop up window and most sites provides a chat interface allowing communication with other players and bingo dealers.

The card contains random numbers and the computer call out the numbers in random from a pool of 90 balls. To cross out a number all that is needed is to click on the number called. In normal 90 ball a win means one horizontal line on a single card has been marked off. Full house games requires all numbers to be marked off.

Different Bingo Games

Speed Bingo: uses only 30 balls and the speed cards have only 9 spaces on the 3 x 3 card and got its name from the fast playing pace.

Combination Bingo: this is any bingo game combining many different variation into one game. Often the combination would use a 90 ball card and play four corners or diamond on it.

Four Corners: This is a popular choice of play and the winner of four corners is the participant who covers the bingo cards four corners first, which includes B1, O1, B5 and O5.

Diamond: this version can be played on its own or as a combination with four corners. Diamond itself is played with two diamond shaped patterns comprising of four numbers, such as B3, N5, N1, I4, and I2 and the smaller diamond shape involving numbers B3, Ni, O3 and N5.

Cross: this bingo form is popular at church bingo get together and is played in the form of a cross. The cross jackpot is paid out to the first participant who completes the cross shape, the cross shape includes all the numbers in the N row as well as B3, G3, I3 andO3.

Finally there is regular bingo offering 3 ways to win the jackpot, winning the jackpot can be achieved by being the first to complete a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line. It is important to remember that the more ways of winning the game, also means a smaller cash prize than other bingo game varieties.

Bingo are one of the most popular games that allow players to interact with each other while enjoying great cash rewards.

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